I’m a Wall Street Veteran. I’ve been a Successful Entrepreneur, Investor & Trader for 23 Years. I’ve made Millions Investing and Trading Stocks. I’ve been Teaching people Worldwide How to Invest & Trade Stocks since 1997. Join Me and My Vast Network Today*

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I have over 2 decades of Experience as a Wall Street Veteran and Entrepreneur. I specialize in Investing and Trading Stocks as well as Coaching & Mentoring New or Experienced Traders and Business Professionals on How to Become a More Successful Trader. I’m well known as a Successful Coach, Teacher and Mentor that helps other Traders and Investors Learn the In’s and Out’s of the Stock Market (Wall Street) that I’ve Mastered after 2+ Decades*

Almost anyone is capable of Investing and Trading Stocks. My Job is to help Coach, Teach and Mentor You to Become a more Consistent & More Profitable Trader. I’ve made Millions in the Stock Market. I’ve paid cash for the Bentley, Custom Ferrari (Missy Elliot’s), Mercedes, Maserati, Custom Chopper, Hot Rods, Antique Cars and have owned the $2+ million dollar homes … and I want to MOTIVATE you to do the same!*

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I know Exactly what it’s like to Work your ass off non-stop just to get by or pay the Monthly bills (overhead). I too was in this position many many years ago. I am here today because I made a decision a long time ago to change my life and become “SELF-EMPLOYED” “MY OWN BOSS” and an “ENTREPRENEUR.” Yes, I have to admit it was hard … and I had to work my ass off to get where I am today, but I never gave up on my Goal and Dream … and that was to be a Savvy, Successful Self Employed Trader/Investor and Entrepreneur*

So here’s My Question to You …
– Do you Want to be Self-Employed, Work for Yourself, Make your Own hours or be Your Own Boss?
– Or are You a Business Professional, Self-Employed, Entrepreneur, Investor and/or a Successful Individual Focused on Increasing your overall Net-worth or Wealth from Trading Stocks but don’t Necessarily have the Time to be Online every day?

If the answer is YES … then You came to the Right place and all you Need is Access to Your Laptop, Computer, Tablet or Smart phone to Start Learning How to Invest, Chart and Trade Stocks*

I’m prepared to help Coach, Teach and Mentor each and every one of My Premium VIP Members so that they too can become a more SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE Trader. Take that first step Today in a New direction in order to Start Changing your Life tomorrow*

I’m a Wall Street Veteran and I’ve been Successfully Coaching & Mentoring People World Wide “How to Invest & Trade Stocks” Since 1997 …

Qualifications & Awards
I started as a stock broker back in 1997 and retired in 2006 after managing and having my own OSJ with a few small and/or large investment banking firms. I’ve been involved in many fashions of Investing, Trading and the Stock Market industry over the past 23 years. This includes Money Managing, Stock Trading, Investing, helping Companies Go-Public, IPO’s, Secondary’s, Reverse Mergers, Mergers and Acquisitions, Compliance, Risk Management, Venture Capital, Funding and much more. I created the real Chad Curtis to help Teach and Mentor New/Existing Traders (you) what I know, and to Coach you How to NOT make the same Mistakes I made in the past that ended up costing me a Fortune. I am also here to MOTIVATE you so please do NOT take my Confidence as Cockiness*

Learn from My Mistakes and Knowledge of 23 years in the Stock Market as a Stock Market Technician, Investor and Trader. Starting out in the Stock Market can be intimidating and seem Overwhelming. Or if You’re already a Trader, it’s very Important to Get that Competitive Edge from the RIGHT Coach or Mentor to be able to Increase Your overall Performance*

Ok so here’s the deal …. You Don’t need a College Degree nor do I have one. I am always looking for New Students and Members to help them become the Next real Chad Curtis Apprentice. These Students and/or Members must be willing to Work hard and Study in order to Learn my real Chad Curtis Chart Patterns, Strategy & System! You have to be willing at times to Work your ass off just like I did in Order to be more Successful in Life as well as to become a more Successful Investor / Trader in Today’s Market. Now, don’t get me wrong, I help do the work for you because I send you My Wall Street Insights, Ideas, Strategies, Set-ups, Secrets and more … but you too have to be Willing to put in the Work if you REALLY want to Succeed! Remember, I did put in the Work for Many years in order to become a Successful Self-Employed Investor and Trader in Today’s Market*

If You’re a Driven Individual looking for that Winning Edge or Performance and are willing to Listen, Watch, Learn and be Mentored then I hope you’ll be a Premium VIP Member of mine for Life so I can Teach & Coach you everything I know and have learned in my 2+ decades of Trading!*

I really Starting Studying and Focusing hard on the Stock Market as well as Trading and Investing back in 1997 when I became a Stock Broker and received my Series 7 (General Industry/ Product Exam-General Securities Representative Examination) as well as my Series 63 (State Securities Law Exam-Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination). From there I went on to get my Series 24 (Principal/ Supervisory Exam-General Securities Principal Examination) in year 2000 which allowed me to Open and Manage my own OSJ (Office) with a Large Investment Banking firm named First Union Securities.

First Union offered a wide selection of financial and investment products to its customers. Founded in 1908 as Union National Bank, First Union was the sixth-largest banking company in the United States as of December 31, 2000. It held assets totaling more than $254 billion, with banking operations in 11 East Coast states and Washington, D.C., and brokerage operations in 47 states nationwide.

First Union’s stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol FTU.

First Union Merges
On September 1, 2001, First Union and Wachovia merged to create the leading retail bank presence on the East Coast and the fifth-largest full-service retail broker-dealer in the United States. The new company was named Wachovia Corporation. As of December 31, 2001, it held assets totaling $330 billion and stockholders’ equity totaling $28 billion. In 2008, Wells Fargo & Company acquired Wachovia Corporation, including First Union. You can read the information above in regards to First Union and Wachovia on the Wells Fargo website here.

Throughout my years of being a Stock Broker/Money Manager/Trader, I always Focused on being a Market Technician Specialist by Studying Technical Patterns (Set-ups) with Stocks and Stock Charts. I would tend to Work 7 days a week and Working roughly 90 hours per Week because even on the Weekends I would Work, Study and Learn Stock & Chart Patterns (Set-ups) as well as talk to my Clients. I retired in the 3rd quarter of 2006 as a Stock Broker/Money Manager (I was active from 08/1997 to 08/2006) and have gone on to be a Successful Self-Employed 23 Wall Street Veteran, Entrepreneur, Trader & Investor in the Stock Market. I have Learned from many Stock Market Spikes and Corrections as well as Market Booms and Recessions*

My Niche and what I have Specialized on for over 2+ decades are “Finding and Detecting” Stocks that are on the Verge of Breaking out or Stocks that are Poised to Move Short term. I mainly Focus on LONG Stocks (buying rather than selling short) and that’s because I am known for Discovering and Locating Stocks that have the Potential to make PARABOLIC (large spikes) type moves. My Trading and Investing is a Unique Proprietary System I have Developed on my Own after 2+ decades of Learning, Strategizing, Making mistakes and Mastering my Skills as a Trader and Investor. My Strategy and System is more complex than just looking at a Stock or Chart. You need to Know How the Market Works, How Wall Street Works, How Charts & Stocks Work, and Trade as well as the Environment, Buzz, Technicals, Timing, News and much more. This all comes from Many many years of Teaching Myself, through How it will translate to the chart and stocks activity, which comes with many years of trial and tribulations. However, my Chart Patterns, Strategy and System is VERY SIMPLE to Learn if you are Willing to Listen, Watch & Study what I provide to my Premium VIP Members!*

Furthermore, this is why I am here to Coach, Teach and Mentor you and to show you what I have Learned over the past 23 years as an Investor and Trader so you DON’T have to go through all the Costly Mistakes I made along the way to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur! I believe its IMPOSSIBLE to have a Coach or Mentor if you don’t Learn from them!*

You Need to be able to Listen, Watch and Study what they are doing to be able to Learn from them. You also need to be able to Communicate with them in case you have certain concerns or questions so you can Understand what they are Teaching You. This is one of the Benefits of the real Chad Curtis. The benefit is that either I Myself, or My Team, make ourselves accessible to our Premium VIP Members. When you become a Premium VIP Member, you’ll have direct access to me and my team, whenever you a question or need some help. Remember, 90% of Traders fail because they Lack the Coaching, Mentorship and Discipline the other 10% have. I believe firmly in Coaching and Mentoring My Students to help make them into a more Successful Traders and Investors over time. This is a Process that takes time, and it can happen much faster when you have a good means of communicating with your Coach, and the Coach can communicate good with his Students*

I have been Successfully Investing and Trading Stocks since 1997 when I was about 20 years old and became a Licensed Stock Broker. However, I have been out of that side of the Business for awhile and as my Disclaimer clearly states, the real Chad Curtis is not an Investment advisory service, is not Investment Adviser, and does not provide personalized financial advice or act as a financial advisor. With that being said, the Strategies and System I use Today are based on my 2+ Decades years of trial and tribulations which include enormous number of mistakes along the way that I will help Coach, Teach and Mentor you not to make. Through my Coaching & Mentoring, You will Learn, and I will  help Teach You, How to Invest and Trade Stocks as well as How Wall Street Works + the In’s and Out’s of the Stock Market!*

Start your Stock Market Coaching and Mentoring Today … I am Happy to Help Teach You so You can Learn What I know … Become a better Trader and Investor*

Start Now and Learn How to Become a Better Investor and Trader so you can Grow your Worth! Stop Throwing Darts at the Screen, Get Coached & Mentored Live by the real Chad Curtis, a 23-year Wall street Veteran! Learn the real Chad Curtis Chart Patterns, Strategy & System and get Mentored personally by me, the real Chad Curtis, and my Team. I’ve made Millions in the Stock Market with my proven Trading Strategies and it’s my Job to Coach, Teach & Mentor you to Become a Better Investor & Trader!*

I have helped many Students, Friends and Clients Invest and Trade Stocks as well as Learn the Ins and Outs of the Stock Market. I Personally Work with My Students Daily and/or Weekly to Help Learn what I know so they can develop their Own Trading Strategy. I will help guide you through the Stock Market so you can understand How it Works and what to Look for and what Not to Look for … I want ALL OF YOU to be Successful Investing and Trading Stocks so you can Live Your Dream!*

I will even Teach and Coach you “How the Stock Market Works” for those of you that have “Wanted to Go Public” Or want to do or “Learn how to do a Reverse Merger” and “How these things Work on Wall Street.” I can help Coach and Teach you these things and many more. The Stock Market is MUCH BIGGER THAN JUST TRADING … Learn the IN’s and OUT’s of the Stock Market and How Wall Street Works with me, the real Chad Curtis.

Look forward to Having you as a Premium VIP Member and therefore Seeing You on the “Inside”!

Your Coach & Mentor,

Trade Green

with real Chad Curtis

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